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Malkom Parrish, COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on the Pick is Richt!

Get off me Bugboy.
Get off me Bugboy.
Kevin C. Cox

It's been a good week for Georgia football's future, as Mark Richt continues to land players for the 2014 class in February. Fresh on the heels of landing the state's top RB in Nick Chubb, comes news that the state's top CB prospect also wants to be a Dawg. Malkom Parrish, from Brooks County (the school that also gave us Marcus Stroud and one of the two best Sports Illustrated covers ever), opted to join Georgia today, over pursuit from Georgia Tech and others. This fresh after being "arguably the top performer" at this past weekend's Mark Richt Camp that saw Heard County OL Jake Edwards and Miami area WR Gilbert Johnson pledge their collegiate careers to the Bulldogs.

Parrish is a consensus 4 star player on the websites, and rated among the top 10 CBs nationally, and top 10 players overall in Georgia, by them as well.

Paul Johnson was looking at the young man as a QB, so that should tell you about his abilities with the ball in his hands. He's listed at 5'10, and shows a solid frame with good power. Watching his clips, you see a player that reminds me of Brandon Boykin, who played some QB in high school, was about 5'10, liked to hit people, and not only showed tremendous speed with the ball in his hands but power too. The kid may struggle some with the details and technique needed to play CB in the SEC, but the tools to excel are there, and even with so many DBs brought in with the last signing class, he has the ability to contribute immediately as a true freshman.

In what is expected to be a class of around 15-18 players, Georgia currently has 9 commitments. I didn't even have to go to Georgia Tech to tell you that means the class is about half full, and anyone that wants to join this train better hustle before it leaves the station. Aside from a handful of lineman and a LB or 3, we're about filled up based on the numbers we expected back in March.

S Nick Glass

WR Krenwick Sanders

DT Dontavious Russell

TE Jeb Balzevich

TB Sony Michel

OL Jake Edwards

WR Gilbert Johnson

TB Nick Chubb

and now, CB Malkom Parrish