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Josh Harvey-Clemons Was Going To Start Against Clemson . . .

Scott Cunningham

And in fact he still might, but the odds have been somewhat diminished courtesy of an incident in which JHC and now former Bulldog Ty Flournoy-Smith admitted to campus police smoking marijuana in their dorm.

This probably sheds some light on Flournoy-Smith's recent departure from the team. But back to Harvey-Clemons. The sophomore from Valdosta looked good this spring and appears ticketed to play the linebacker/safety hybrid "Star" position. If Mark Richt follows through with the customary suspension for 10% of the season, Harvey-Clemons will be out for the Clemson game, a game during which his versatility would have come in really handy. In fact, I'm not exactly sure who we have who fits seamlessly into that role in his absence. That's why they call what the 6'5, 220 pound Harvey-Clemons has a "unique combination of size and athleticism." Because it's unique you see.

The good news, if there is any, is that it doesn't appear any other players were involved, and no arrests were made or charges filed. But hey, it's a long off season yet. Insert platitudes here about focus and leadership and yada yada yada. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!