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CBS Announces First Few 2013 SEC Television Matchups.

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CBS has released the first few tantalizing morsels of their 2013 football programming schedule. I am more excited about this than I can possibly explain.

Sam Greenwood

We need a little mood music:

There, that's better. Obviously the meat of CBS's college football broadcast schedule be be fleshed out mid-season based on the relative strength of available match ups. For now CBS still has hegemony over which games it chooses, and has already locked in several intriguing contests.

Coverage kicks off on September 14th when the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the Texas A&M Aggies in College Station in a rematch of last year's exciting late season upset, a game which provided Auburn fans with their only moment of joy on the evening of November 10, 2012. If you've never been to southeast Texas in September and/or always wanted to know what heat stroke looks like, here's your opportunity. It will also be America's first chance to see what a Nick Saban-coached defense can do with Johnny Scooby Costume the second time around.

Arkansas and LSU will play their always entertaining Black Friday contest at 2:30 Eastern on November 29th, giving me something to do while I avoid every retail establishment in the civilized world.

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party will take its customary 3:30 slot on the afternoon of November 2nd, to no one's surprise. I hate Florida.

CBS has also scheduled SEC doubleheaders on October 19th and November 9th. And while the precise match ups will be determined later, there are some really interesting possibilities. For example, October 19th will feature Florida traveling to Missouri, Bret Bielema's Razorbacks venturing into Tuscaloosa, the Bulldogs visiting Nashville to once again shut James Franklin up for a little while, and the South Carolina Gamecocks roadtripping to Knoxville.

One of the two November 9th matchups is almost certain to be Alabama/LSU. Also available are the match up of freshman head coaches between Tennessee and Auburn, an Arkansas/Ole Miss game which could have significant bowl implications, and Vanderbilt looking to hand the Florida Gators their second loss in as many weeks.

All in all, plenty of reasons to begin looking forward to college football 2013 even as we continue our look back at 2012. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!