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G-Day All Day Open Comment Thread.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

It's Saturday in Athens, and the Georgia Bulldogs will be suiting up in Sanford Stadium against....some other Georgia Bulldogs. But it's football and we'll take it.

The game kicks off at 1 p.m. on CSS television, streaming through, and live and in living color in the center of the Classic City. Pay close attention to the Black Team offense, as longtime Dawg Sports commenter DocSkraynj has informed us that he was the winner of the "call a play" contest run by the Athletic Association, despite the fact that he didn't suggest lining up in the wishbone (or perhaps, because he didn't). Congrats, Doc.

As we speak the women's soccer team is getting the festivities started with the undergrads vs. alumni soccer match out at the softball/soccer complex, and Bulldogs from all over are streaming into town for a full day's worth of activities. So enjoy the springtime weather, watch a little simulated football action, and hang out with all your Dawg Sportin' friends. Also feel free to stay for tonight's Wichita State/Louisville Final Four contest, or whatever else you've got going on. We don't call them "open" comment threads for nothing. Oh yeah, and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!