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This Saturday in Athens: More Than Just G-Day!

Tomorrow, the Georgia Bulldogs will celebrate the conclusion of Spring practice with the traditional public scrimmage - a pseudo-game that has come to be known as "G-Day." But the UGA Athletic Association has arranged quite a number of additional events to ensure that fans can spend a full day in Athens enjoying Georgia Bulldogs sports action.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

By this point, most of you are probably aware that the G-Day kickoff is scheduled for 1:00 PM and will be streamed online via Admission will be free, and the gates will open at 11:00 AM. Who's on the roster for G-Day? Well, I wish I could tell you, but you see, the UGAAA webmaster has postawebaphobia, or "fear of putting timely information on the website." Weknow we won't be seeing Malcolm Mitchell, who is injured, but that's pretty much it.

(Update: The athletic associated has just posted rosters here (pdf file). Thanks for making me look stupid, fellas!)

The athletics festivities will start earlier in the day, though, especially if you're a fan of the "other football." The UGA women's soccer team, which is engaged in its own spring exhibition season, will hold a special "Alumni vs. current players" match starting at 10:00.

And after the G-Day game, the Softball Dawgs will be taking the field to play Tennessee in an important SEC clash at 4:00, followed by a baseball game at 8:00 (at Foley Field) at which time we will lose to Missouri. Ironically, the only one of these events for which you will have to buy a ticket is baseball. (Sad_Trombone.mp3)

If you'd prefer to follow a good team on the internet rather than paying to watch a bad team lose in person, the Gym Dogs will be kicking off the NCAA Corvallis Regional at 7:00 PM. The live scoring link for that meet is at this page.

For those that like to see things arranged in neat lists, here is the schedule of events for Saturday in the Classic City:

- 10:00 AM - Women's soccer vs. Alumni (Softball/Soccer complex, free admission)

- 1:00 PM - G-Day (Sanford Stadium, free admission)

- 4:00 PM - Softball vs. Tennessee (Softball/Soccer complex, free admission)

- 7:00 PM - Gym Dogs at NCAA Corvallis Regional (Internets, free live scoring and audio streaming)

- 8:00 PM - Baseball vs. Mizzou (Foley Field, LOL YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY TO WATCH THEM LOSE)

So come on down to Athens and make it a full day of Georgia Bulldogs athletics! Your intrepid reporter will be present for at least some of these festivities, but my schedule might be variable, as schedules tend to be when parents are involved. Nevertheless, if you're planning to attend any of these events, post it here, and hopefully some folks will be able to meet up and catch the game(s) in person!

Go Dawgs!