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Malcolm Mitchell's Meniscus Meddles With G-Day Math.

Kevin C. Cox

Of all the various cartilaginous tissues in the human body, the ones which aid in the correct tension and torsion of the knee, the medial and lateral menisci for those scoring at home, are among the more fickle. Just ask Malcolm Mitchell, who'll miss this Saturday's G-Day game in order to have surgery on torn mensical tissue in his right knee.

The prognosis for most meniscal tears, especially in young healthy individuals like Mitchell, is very good and it's likely that he'll be close to 100% by the time the Bulldogs take on Clemson to open the 2013 season. And given Mitchell's time in the system and place in the pecking order it's not like he needed G-Day to secure a starting spot. Somebody will get some additional reps in a spring game, which is kind of like cornering the market on chia pets in terms of utility. As I like to say, if G-Day stats were important Torin Kirtsey's number would have been retired years ago.

Still for the college football players who may be considering testing the NFL draft waters after this season (of which Mitchell is quite possibly one) "knee injury" just isn't the little highlighted annoation you want next to your name in the ole GM's database.

In the short term this probably means we see more of some of the young receivers we needed to see a lot of anyhow. Here's wishing Malcolm a full and speedy recovery. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!