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Random Monday Ruminations

I usually like to ruminate on Tuesday or Sunday, but it's a nice day, and I'll go ahead and commence now.

Best 2013 recruit of the year (listen to the soon to go live podcast)
Best 2013 recruit of the year (listen to the soon to go live podcast)
Scott Cunningham

  • I hate the AJC sports writers so much that if you lined them up I'm not sure who I would slap first. How guys not from the south can write about southern football and the SEC blows my mind. I was raised on Covering Dixie Like the Dew, but I think now it's more like covering Dixie like the don't. Please don't give them hits.
  • I've taken a few shots here or there at Seth Emerson of, but to be fair, he has really come around lately, even asking some tough questions of Mark Fox, and jumping on basketball and baseball with his beat reporting. We at can't get the access he does, so his beat reports and interviews are critical for all of us that can't absorb enough red and black, so good on him for stepping up to some real interviews and stepping away from trying to be snarky.
  • The Dawg Gone Podcast will be out this week. It's long. But we cover 'errthang. You may want to break it down into two parts, football, and not football. And it ends with a discussion of baseball, and how it's time to break it all down and start from scratch. (There's also gym and basketball, and a Lacrosse shout out). update: the podcast will be broken into two parts for you! Twice the podcast for the same price!
  • In the past years, and Lord forgive me for saying it out loud, this has been a time we find out bad stuff about players doing bad stuff. We had a great, great recruiting class with 13 early enrollees and so far no drama. No news is good news and I hope it stays that way.
  • Tim Tebow was cut - LOLZ
  • A lot of people start predicting anything from championships to 7-6 seasons from now until August, so before we start reading those ridiculous magazines, let me give an early, early take. It's all about the Clemson game. We got SCAR at home, and I simply don't think USCe will be as good this year. But we tend to start slow and get better through the year under Mark Richt, and Clempson ain't that bad. I hope knowing we got a tough away game to start this fall keeps this team on task, because the work they do right now is where's its at. And it's all mental, we got the skills.
  • On that note, I'll also say I think the key to that game, and the season, is senior leadership. The ever missing piece on our team. It's time for 5th year senior Aaron Murray to start telling people what time it is with more than his arm and get the linemen fired up. Let's not get to the point where someone calls out the D for being soft at the end of year; let's just start with leadership on and off the field from the get go.
  • There's lots of talk about the Diamond Dawgs, and there's going to be more. My thoughts are in the podcast, but no matter what side you take, we got a big rock to push up a steep hill and it's going to take some time. I hope we do it right. Please, please Athletic Director McGarity, do it right.
  • Again, I go through this on the air, but the biggest thought that hit me after the draft was how incredibly lucky we are that Aaron Murray didn't go Pro this year. He would have been the best QB on the board. I reckon he really is pissed about that SECCG. Good. Your top 2013 recruit is Aaron Murray, who will have all the records. (And we got that Kublanow guy who makes fun of Robert Nkemdiche, which is my kind of strong as heck big mouthed lineman, already love him, 2 a year please).

Kublanow link here. h/t Dawg Haus

    Feel free to drop your odds and ends down below, and don't forget to tip your wait staff, in the meantime...

    Go Dawgs!