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NFL Draft Player Profile: Tavarres King.


Tavarres King emerged out of the hills of Habersham as the Gatorade player of the year in 2007. A speedy if undersized receiver who reminded many of former Bulldog deep threat Sean Bailey, King actually caught 2 passes for 66 yards as a true freshman in 2008 before ultimately redshirting that season. He continued as a steady contributor for 4 years, and will now take his talents to Denver.

Very few Bulldog receivers in recent memory have been as productive as Tavarres King was in 2012. The Mt. Airy native pulled down 42 passes for 950 yards and 9 touchdowns on the year, a nifty 22.6 yards per catch. That's a lot. Like, really a lot. Tavarres King's best asset is probably excellent straight line speed. He's a field stretcher, the kind of guy pro-style offenses need to keep defenses honest. King isn't a big guy at 6'0 and around 190 pounds. But he runs the forty yard dash consistently in the 4.42 to 4.47 range, plenty fast enough to force NFL corners to turn and run.

King's struggled at times with dropped balls, though he generally does a great job catching with his hands and making plays on the ball in the air. If there's a knock on King it's his size. He's no Megatron. While a passable blocker, with better upper body strength than you'd expect, he just doesn't have the bulk to go toe to toe with bigger players.

But if you're looking for a pure pass catcher who runs great, fluid routes, Tavarres King is your guy. Congratulations to Tavarres and to Bronco fans alike. It's a good day for all of you. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!