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NFL Draft Player Profile: Sanders Commings

Sanders Commings was drafted 134th overall in the NFL Draft to the Kansas City Chiefs. As the Chiefs look to rebuild their organization from the top down, here's what they can expect from the Bulldogs defensive back.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

One look at Sanders Commings and you'll be able to tell that if he's one thing, he's athletic. His size is quite impressive given his athletic ability, especially figuring that he plays cornerback instead of what would seem to be a natural safety. He signed with UGA as an athlete and many expected him to be a CB or Safety based on the fact that he doesn't have the best ball-hawking skills even though he has decent hands.

What made him attractive to the Chiefs has to be that he has the size to go up against larger WRs or TEs, especially in the pass-happy AFC West. What will plague him at the next level is that he can get turned around in coverage and potentially give up a big play. He has 4.4 speed, but his quickness isn't really there. He was productive with interceptions, totaling eight over his career, but very few of those were cases where he just snatched the ball away from a WR in coverage.

Commings could be a future safety in the NFL, due to his ability to tackle in space, and his big frame could add some more size and weight. With his speed, he could be a great free safety to roam around in coverage and find opportunities to make a INT or jar a ball loose with a big hit. He could also be a good special teams player, which is an area he also saw time at UGA.

Overall, the Chiefs drafted a physically gifted football player, and should expect to see Commings compete, although it probably won't be immediately.