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It's The End Of The Draft As We Know It: Day Three.

Day three of the 2013 NFL Draft will get started at noon with television coverage on ESPN and NFL Network with tons of talented football players left on the board. Rounds 4 through 7 are where championship teams are built. Let's hope some GMs decide to build their championship teams with Georgia Bulldogs.

Scott Cunningham

Friday's second day of the NFL Draft was not terribly kind to the Georgia Bulldogs. Several 'Dawgs, including Cornelius Washington, Bacarri Rambo, and Sanders Commings had been forecast as second or third rounds picks and didn't hear their names called. In fact, the Classic City Canines were very nearly shut out of the second day action until John Jenkins and Shawn Williams went near the end of the third round to the Saints and Bengals respectively. For the record, Williams would become the seventh Bulldog on the Bengals active roster, making them the clear leader in collecting former Georgia gridiron standouts.*

At this stage teams are limited to five minutes per selection, so the action will be fast and furious. However given the sheer number of selections to be made, it's gonna be a long day, especially for the guys sweating it out and waiting to know if they'll be called. Among the non-Bulldogs of interest still left on the board:

Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina. Injury concerns seem to have scared teams away from a guy who was freakin' dominant when healthy and by all accounts a class act on and off the field. Someone will take a low risk gamble on him today, and if he returns to form the staff who does it will look brilliant.

Tyler Bray, Tennessee. Everyone's favorite beer bottle flinging creamsicle colored interception dispenser is still available for teams with an affinity for bad tattoos and poorly deployed world class arm strength.

Mike Gillislee, Florida. Gator fans spent the better part of two seasons begging for Gillislee to be used properly. It seems NFL fans may be just as skeptical as the Gator staff of his every down potential.

Michael Ford/Spencer Ware, LSU. If you select two Bayou Bengal tailbacks who made a mistake by leaving school early do you get some kind of group rate?

Ace Sanders, South Carolina. He's speedy, shifty, and travel-sized. Seriously, if you're looking for a kick returner who fits easily into airplane overhead baggage compartments this is your guy.

Jesse Williams, Alabama. At some point if Williams doesn't get drafted he's going to rip someone's arms from their sockets. He's one of the scariest defensive linemen Alabama's produced in recent memory and will probably stick in the league for years. And he has an awesome tattoo that Tyler Bray could never pull off.

Nico Johnson, Alabama. Williams' defensive mate was a productive guy in college who has all the physical tools to be an inside 'backer in the NFL.

Barrett Jones, Alabama. Not to put too fine a point on it, but somebody's about to get a steal on an All-SEC offensive lineman who's started at literally every position on the front five for the the squad with the best front five in college football.

The entire Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket roster. That's right, not a single gnat drafted through 3 rounds. Trust Paul Johnson, high school blue chipper, he has a plan. That plan is to maybe get you to the Emerald Nuts Bowl then into a fast-paced career in the Pizza Hut management training program. Don't sweat the genius, son.

We'll be here all day breaking down picks, mocking our rivals, and celebrating whenever a Georgia Bulldog gets his pro card. Come join us. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!!

*Jeff Schultz says Mark Richt has obviously lost control of alumni distribution.