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Harry Gator And The Prisoners Of Alachua.


Quick show of hands, anybody here who'd like to have a good reason to doubt the decision making ability of Florida Offensive Coordinator Brent Pease? That's what I thought. Here ya go:


That's the photoshopped picture tweeted by Pease this morning. Apparently he wants his players to be more like Harry Potter. Or he's trying to convince Jeff Driskel to read more. I don't know, but either way it's freakin' hilarious. Mike Bobo, reached for comment dismissed the tweet as "fake pollyjuice" and offered that if Pease really wanted to motivate his players he'd threaten them with compulsory babysitting duty.

And while I agree with Bobo's reaction, there are other questions that fairly scream to be answered here:

  • Did Pease do his own photoshop work, or is there some poor athletic department intern who will spend this afternoon thinking that he never should have turned down that job at Panera for this crap?
  • Was J.K Rowling inspired to write the Harry Potter novels after spending 10 tedious hours on a trans-Atlantic flight listening to seatmate Will Muschamp recount his days at Darlington?
  • Has anyone ever seen Bill Snyder and Dumbledore in the same place at the same time? I mean other than the beard, can we tell the two apart? Is there any other explanation for the success of Kansas State football? It's like Hufflepuff finishing high in the House Cup standings year after year. It just doesn't make sense.
  • Will Chris Rainey be able to beat his next domestic violence charge by claiming he was under the imperius curse?

Once again, the Will Muschamp era at Florida continues to please me to no end. Carry on, Comrade Muschamp. Fellow Bulldogs salute your covert efforts to destroy Florida football's 23 years of tradition. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!