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Gym Dogs Competing at the NCAA Championships at 3:00 PM Eastern

The Georgia Women's Gymnastics Team will continue its pursuit of a national championship at 3:00 PM ADT (Athens Daylight Time).

Let's hope these seniors can lead Danna's Dawgs to the Super Six!
Let's hope these seniors can lead Danna's Dawgs to the Super Six!
UGA Sports Communications

Consider this your open comment thread if you'd like to follow along with the Gym Dogs in Los Angeles.

The NCAA has set up a free live streaming link to watch the tournament here; Georgia will be competing in Qualifier Number 1. There's also a live scoring link here.

As with the NCAA Regional, there are 6 teams competing in this session: Georgia, Florida, LSU, Minnesota, Illinois, and Stanford. Danna's Dawgs just have to finish in the top 3 to make it to the Super Six.

Because there are 6 teams, UGA will have two bye rotations. Their rotation schedule is:

1) Bye

2) Bars

3) Beam

4) Bye

5) Floor

6) Vault

Since we're starting with a bye, our "live score" will basically look like we're behind the entire time until the conclusion of the meet, so don't panic. The rotation scores themselves are what matter, and if we perform to the level at which we've been competing during the second half of this season, we should expect to make the Super Six. Now it's just time to make it happen!

Go Dawgs!