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A Spring Break Speech

We know we have a pretty solid team going into this fall, with 13 early enrollees, almost an entire starting offense returning, and just rainbows and purple ponies everywhere. Now we face spring break. I realize it’s unlikely any of the team reads this, but here is what I would say to them if I could before they hit the road. I’ll be hoping for no off-season crazy these next weeks, and all the way to Game 1. And my sincere prayers are with all the UGA students for safe travels.

Listen up Dawgs
Listen up Dawgs
Scott Cunningham


You've earned the time for this thing we call Spring Break. The most famous non sporting related week in all of college, all of whom have this one week in common. A week off, usually used to see family, go home, and very often to hit party locations and beaches around the country. Sometimes students even visit other countries. I want you to enjoy this week. Decompress. Set down some of the stress of academics and our football spring training and relax. I mean that. You only get so many spring breaks in life, and once you are out in the world, your bosses won’t cotton to you wanting a free week off every spring. So please, do enjoy yourself, have a good time, and I mean that.

There are some things, however, we need to discuss. You need to make smart decisions in the next week while you have no supervision. Take your time and be safe in your travels. Getting someplace late and safe is better than never getting there. If you get yourself hurt or injured because of doing something stupid next week, the injury will last longer than just one week of freedom. It can impact your academics at UGA, it can impact your playing time on the field, and it can potentially result in you not playing ever again. So be safe and smart. Jumping off a cliff into a lake may look fun, but it may result in serious harm. The Bulldog Nation doesn't want something to happen to you, but more importantly, think of the impact to your family and friends. So be safe and smart in your adventures. Don’t take risks you don’t have to take.

I won’t tell you not to drink. I’m not that much of a fool. If you do imbibe, remember a few things for me, please. If you even have one drink, don’t drive, and don’t get in the car with someone who has been dranking and is driving. Yes, I said one drink. Don’t play with a DUI at all, and don’t be around folks who do so. Also, if you drink, there is no need to prove how big your balls are with how much you can drink, nor what crazy stupid things you can do while drinking. While your friends may laugh at you for acting a fool, that should tell you something. They aren't your friends, or else they would care more for you. Also, plan for a place to stay, make sure you hydrate, and if you or your friends are in need of medical care, it’s better to be embarrassed in a hospital than dead in the ground. So, have a plan, and tell your friends your plan, and stick to it, and make your friends hold you accountable, and you them. Alcohol has this crazy way of talking you out of the smart plan you had beforehand.

I will tell you not to use illegal or non-prescribed drugs. You will be drug tested when you get back. The people telling you how to beat the test are a) wrong and b) not your friends. Sure getting high sounds fun, heck, they call it "getting high." But what isn't said is the "getting low" part, when you have cost yourself playing time, a dismissal, and possibly jail. If you feel you just got to hit the bong, then I simply implore you to wait until you have left the University of Georgia. This is not for UGA mind you, it’s for you. What you do when not in this program will be your decisions to make, and your consequences to bare, but for now, you’re a Bulldog, and you have to live to that standard. If your friends have drugs, run away. If your friends want to use your vehicle to transport drugs, they aren't your friends. Nothing good will come from any attempt to use, transport, or witness use of illegal drugs. Did I say you will be drug tested and you can’t take a magic pill to pass the test? Because you will be, and you can’t.

Speaking of driving again, beware of small towns in the middle of nowhere, particularly at night. I would prefer you did all your driving during the day, but I also know you and your buds are going to load up a car and drive until you get there. I wish I could say profiling doesn't exist, but we all know it does, and being in country bumpkin nowhere at 2 in the morning could get you pulled over. If you are pulled over, be respectful, do what the officer says, and inform the staff as soon as possible. This is another reason not to have drugs or any alcohol in your car or in your body. Because there's nothing more in the world that cop in Alabama could want than to arrest a Georgia Bulldog. Before you leave, make sure you have your driver’s license, that it's current, and that you have your car registration and insurance paperwork, and that they are current and up to date also.

We live in the south, and many of us come from hard ‘hoods. There is no shortage of guns to be found anywhere. Nothing good will come of any firearm and you for the most part. If you just have to shoot, do so in a properly controlled environment, without alcohol in your body or in your presence, and take all safety precautions. Do not transport firearms without knowing how to do so legally. If you are in a place you feel the need for personal protection, then you shouldn't be in that place. If your friends ask you to do any of these things illegally, they aren't your friends. If you choose to go riding dirty, then UGA will choose to ride your butt right off campus forever. And freaking don't play show and tell with guns either while I think about it.

Be cool to the ladies. They are not "bitches" or "ho’s". If a girl pisses you off, and you may even have a good reason to be pissed off, the answer is to walk away. Of all the things you can screw up in life, one thing you will regret forever is hurting a woman when you could have bitten your tongue or walked away. Furthermore, if you’re cool, other ladies will respect you for it, which may actually help your game playa’. Yes, no still means no, and if you have to get her hammered to get some action, well, what does that say about you? That’s also illegal by the way, and jail time = no play time. And don’t forget your jimmy hats.

So ‘Dawgs, it’s simple. Obey all federal and state laws. Have a plan for your travel, and have a plan if you are drinking. Don’t let "friends" convince you do to something you know you shouldn't do. Give yourself plenty of time. Watch out for your bro's and keep them safe. Don’t say stupid mess on the Twitter and Facebook. With that, I wish you a great spring break, I hope you are able to relax, laugh, have fun, and reconnect with your people. That’s what spring break is really for. I'll see you in a week, prepare for matt drills at 0500. (smile)

Thank you Bulldogs, let’s huddle in. Go Dawgs on 3. 1, 2, 3