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Dawgs Bite Cats 72- 62!

Listening to the announcers, Kentucky lost to "a team of ghosts" (h/t leedawg), but what I saw was a total team effort, and the numbers reflect.

Chuck doesn't like my vert leap, but I did good today.  (and there aren't pictures from tonight)
Chuck doesn't like my vert leap, but I did good today. (and there aren't pictures from tonight)

What an exciting finish at home! It started off looking like we were going to bury ourselves, but we hung in there, taking a 5 point lead at the half, and holding on in the last minutes to win. Halfway through the 2nd half, we had a solid 50-40 lead with great play, and derp'd it back to 50-47 in under a minute. Biting our nails, hoping and praying, Georgia got motivated and kept up play, putting the University of Kentucky in foul trouble and taking advantage by driving hard, and making free throws to finish the game.

Led by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's double double of 24 pts and 10 rebounds, Tim Dixon came in solidly from the bench with 12 points, Nemanja Djurisic with 12 points, and Donte Williams with 10 points. We got a total team effort. Most critical to finishing this game was the work from the charity stripe, going 27-34 at 79.4%. Crashing glass and making free throws, being aggressive, and admittedly, at times, a little wild, kept the energy up. Field goal % was in the basement at 36.5%, but matching the Wildcats 38 rebounds to our 38 while making our 79% from the line to their 56% was a huge difference maker.

I'm putting Nemi on the cover for breaking the double digit barrier and making one absolutely ridiculous three pointer, he is listed as a forward, but as leedawg said, he is our "point forward". The critical part of this game was 3 players in double digits, KCP with an outstanding 24 pts, Vincent Williams with 8 points, and Sherrard Brantley with 6 points. Team effort got it done. What a great way to finish at home, and it's about dang time we had one tip our way.

With all those bitter, close loses, Georgia is now 15-15 and 9-8 in the SEC. It feels good not to be in the basement.

Until Saturday....

How 'Bout Them Dawgs!

Edit: I forgot my picture of Jill Wagner (the Kristin Davis replacement unit)