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Dawgs vs Cats Open Thread - Senior Day

A good night for the Seniors to play like Seniors.

Need you tonight
Need you tonight
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we are. The game where there maybe more opponent fans in the Coliseum than our own. A game on national tv, called by Bobby Knight and Rece Davis on ESPN. A chance to thoroughly prove how terrible we are and embarrass ourselves completely. Or, a chance to shine, play ball, and upset the team that thinks they have it as a given right to win. It's a chance to make a statement. And a chance for redemption.

So, if you dare, tune into ESPN, or ESPN 3, and load up this live thread for commentary. The game starts at 7:00pm AST. The pain may begin at 7:01pm. I hope not. Be forewarned, Bobby Knight will point out, over and over, every single mistake we make. And he will likely be right, just annoying as heck and repetitive. And if Kentucky gets some quick transition baskets, dunks, or otherwise exciting plays, expect them to pile on the glory of all things Kentucky.

For me, I fully believe this game is winnable. Our ability to ugly teams to our level is amazing. We have, however, also been able to score and play real ball against Ole Miss and Tennessee. It's doable. We could use the zebras in our favor. We could use a rocking, loud, Stegeman to influence their calls. It may not be a win that gets us into post season play, but it's a win that would ease the sour stomach over 4 close loses.

Finally, it's senior day at the Steg. So we honor Sherrard Brantley of Dublin, GA, John Florveus of Miami, FL, and Vincent Williams of Homestead, FL. And, there is a very good chance it's the last time you will see Kentavious Caldwell-Pope at a home game. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Cotton and I will be on the couch, in front of the big screen, decked in red and black. Hope to see you there....