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Newspaper roundup: What's being said about the Dawgs and spring practice

Spring practice is nice, and good for the players to get in work and stay relatively sharp. But it's also usually little more than hype that sometimes holds true, and sometimes looks extremely foolish come fall. We're not as obsessed with it as others, but we do want you to be aware of some of the story lines coming out.

Thankfully, we have no news relating to Aaron Bonding Company; Where It's Always Springtime!
Thankfully, we have no news relating to Aaron Bonding Company; Where It's Always Springtime!
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As always, NCT is keeping you well up to date on what's going on outside Sanford Stadium and Butts-Mehre. But what's going on with the football team you ask? Well, the links get flowing below to let you know that too.

One of the more common comments coming out of spring practice is a leaner, meaner Todd Gurley. The former elite hurdler is now up to 234 pounds, and over some nagging injuries that plagued him at the end of last year. And like most of you are thinking, if what we saw late last year was something less than 100% of what #3 is capable of, opposing defenses are in for some trouble when we "RTDB" (and I'll learn to forgive the Blue Devil love).

The other frequent storyline emerging is how impressive Tray Matthews is looking at S. As you know, Georgia needs some help in the secondary, after losing long time starters Bacarri Rambo and Shawn Williams at safety, as well as Commings and Smith at CB. The highly touted newcomer from Newnan is getting the love similar to what we all read about on Gurley last spring, and obviously, that's a very good thing to hear/read.

Elsewhere around the field, John Theus is back practicing on the OL and senior OG Dallas Lee is stepping up as the veteran leader of the big uglies.

One of the things I'm looking forward to this fall is Malcolm Mitchell. He isn't splitting time at DB anymore, and if 100% healthy, could be a huge weapon offensively with his speed and ability to get separation. With a veteran Murray sitting behind a deep and protective OL, and opposing Ds forced to focus on a more imposing Gurshall, there could be lots of space for the speedster to make the big plays we've seen him produce time and again the last two years. (Mr. Sanchez sure-to-go-wrong prediction, Mitchell has a huge season that is so strong he considers the NFL next spring)

At QB, there hasn't been much, if any, discussion of Faton Bauta (cue sad chuckdawg), but the guys taking snaps are getting stories. While Aaron Murray was at a banquet, Hutson Mason continued his role of understudy, showing a little fire as he got into a skirmish with Amarlo Herrera. And despite Richt's comments to the contrary, it's hard not to start to feel down on fellow backup Christian LeMay.

As those articles tell you, there was a scrimmage Tuesday. Here are the stats. Take them with a Ronnie Powell sized grain of salt. Ray Drew had a big day in the scrimmage though, and that's nice, "too nice".

There's been a LOT of coaches around Athens the last few days. Some were NFL guys checking out the plethora of prospects for the NFL draft on April 25th, 26th, and 27th. Even more were high school coaches in town to listen to a who's who of names, including Jon "rumored to be everyone's next coach" Gruden.

And lastly, Seth Emerson gives us the two main storylines for Mark Fox this spring, both of which are in a holding pattern for the forseeable future. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is of course, considering entering the NBA draft. He's also done a great job of not letting his feelings out on the subject, so until he speaks up, no one knows what his plans are for next year. The other story that we know a little, but not much, more about is that of Tony Parker. The big man who went to UCLA from Miller Grove (not the little Frenchman who was married to Eva Longoria) has tweeted numerous times this year about not enjoying the west coast and being homesick. Combine that, with UCLA coach Ben Howland getting the axe, and a lot of people think he just may finally make his way to Athens as a transfer. But that is little more than speculation, with no official comment coming from the kid or his family. I'd suspect we'll have to wait and see, just like with KCP, and nothing will be announced until UCLA finds a new coach.