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Dawg Sports NCAA Bracket Update: Gridlock At The Top

The Georgia Bulldogs men's basketball team didn't make the NCAA tournament. That's not stopping some stalwart Dawg Sports readers from tearing through the bracket, however.


Well, the first weekend of March Madness has been completed. And what delicious madness it was. It's time, therefore, to do a quick check of our Dawg Sports bracket challenge and see who has had a good weekend and who... well, who is Vineyarddawg.

Personally, I'm kind of proud of the fact that, after just two rounds of picks, my bracket is a virtual lock for last place. Not only have I lost all of my Final Four teams, I've lost 7 of my Elite Eight teams. On the first weekend. That kind of EPIC FAIL takes talent, people! (And for the record, I only made one truly insane pick, tapping the Albany Great Danes to make the Final Four. I decided I had to have to have an all-canine final four, you understand.)

On to the people who actually know what they're doing. The top spot in the Dawg Sports group is currently a three-way tie between three brackets: CMRhaslostcontrolofthebracket, This isn't a CBI Bracket?, and DAWG2011's Awesome Bracket. (I'm referring to the brackets by their bracket name, since there's not a solid way to map the users that own them back to their Dawg Sports ID. Well, other than Dawg2011's bracket, that is.)

I don't know if Dawg2011 has a good chance of winning the overall title, since he had Gonzaga as his national champion. He does have 3 of his other Final Four teams and all 7 of his other Elite 8 teams still in the tourney, though, so there's a chance.

This isn't a CBI Bracket? still has all of his Final Four teams, but lost Gonzaga and VCU from his Elite 8 set, so he's still got a solid shot.

CMRhaslostcontrolofthebracket wins the "best name" contest, and also has all of his Final Four teams alive and 7 of his Elite 8 teams still in the game. He's got several upsets in the next round, though, so if the chalk holds, he could... (wait for it)... lose control of his bracket.

There are several folks waiting in the wings, too, including the "name" runner up #FireTheBracket. The next weekend will weed out the contenders and the pretenders. (Well, the pretenders not named "Vineyarddawg," that is.) Good luck to everyone!

We'll have open comment threads on every game day this weekend, so make sure you check in on the action starting Thursday!