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Sunday Madness Mini Open Thread

Sunday's to relax, Sunday's to relax, some Sunday morning drama, is calling up my Momma.

We look better than the Diamond Dawgs!
We look better than the Diamond Dawgs!
Andy Lyons

I'll get right to it: This is an open Sunday free form post for whatever you want. We have some March Madness already underway with NC vs KU going right now and the swamp lizards to play shortly. The Diamond Dogs got swept today, so we can rant on that, but the tennis team beat the Wildcats all around.

I was going to watch the Hobbit today, but IMDB lists it at "3hrs 41mins" which I believe is wrong, but it was enough to say, well, I'll watch basketball until The Walking Dead comes on.

Congrats to the Women's Swim Team. First National Title for UGA since 2010 (h/t The984). And the Lacrosse team won today, I know, because T Kyle King is there. Make sure to check out Vineyarddawg's really nice recap on the Gym Dawgs in the SECs, and also drop by our Congrats Post to the Women's Swim Team. But for our baseball team, I only got this:

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (Video) (via warnerbrosrecords)

See you in the comments