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Sunday Morning Thanks

Sunday is a day to relax, call your Mom's, prepare for the week, and for many of us, getting your spiritual house in order. Today, I want to thank you.

Chilax - it's Sunday.
Chilax - it's Sunday.

Since Kyle's departure, we all have had to make some adjustments. Both our staff and the readers. Some regulars aren't as regular, and we have also found a quite a few new readers. And since Kyle's departure we have had a regular flow of solid fanposts, from you, our readers and commentors. In fact, we had such a flow of spring training posts there was little need to do much more from our end, and several of your recruiting pieces actually were used rather than the ones we had scheduled ourselves! I want to thank everyone for your work, your fanposts, and hanging through a little bit of transition. Sincerely.

This year, NCT has done weekly, and then bi-weekly, sports wrap ups. Last year we actually tried to break down every sport. We think this year's flow is better while ensuring we still take a look at all UGA athletics. And as you know, we have railed on basketball perhaps more than any other source, and certainly more here ever than before. We thank you for riding that out and your involvement. We are still working on finding fresh content, and although we give you sports updates and wrap ups, our primary focus is quality editorials or opinion pieces. Or just creative ones. And we got more around the corner on the way for G Day of course.

SB Nation was founded on the concept of reader content. Site staffs grew as blogging and SB Nation grew as the work load for a "hobby" increased to cover so many sports and news events. But it's still about you. We're very thankful for the great fanposts, and involved commentary, and although no one here can give you from memory a 10k word post on something UGA 40 years ago like T Kyle, we hope to keep forging ahead with the product he created, and that product is one based on you.

Consider this a Sunday open thread, discuss your St Patty's day events, or anything that crosses your mind. Feel free to give feedback on what you would like to see more of. And feel free to keep those great fanposts going. You could even post a Sunday kitten in honor of T Kyle. Have a great day, many thanks for being part of DawgSports, and until later...

Go Dawgs!