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Free Form Friday Believes In The Hanging Curveball. And Barbecue.

Jamie Squire

We're changing it up here for Free Form Friday. Maestro, cue the speech:

As you may be aware, the Georgia Diamond Dawgs recently split a two game set with the Appalachian State Mountaineers. Had the Classic City nine won both games, they would have managed to get over the .500 mark for the first time since the beginning of the 2013 campaign. Clearly head coach Dave Perno had a lot invested in that goal, as invested by his reaction when the 'Dawgs didn't pull out the final game of the set. Perno's reaction included this classic line:

"They knew how I thought how big the game was. I let them wear the black jerseys. I hate the back jerseys. I think they’re ugly. That’s what they wanted and we didn’t respond and it’s disappointing.”

Now, say what you will about the notion that a Georgia sports team somehow managed to fall flat when depending on alternate uniforms for a little juice. But you have to admit, going 8-9 versus a murderer's row of Georgia Southern, Western Carolina, Belmont, UAB, Liberty, Georgia State, and App. State is not exactly confidence inducing as we head into SEC play this weekend against 11-7 Texas A&M at Blue Bell Park in College Station this evening.

I like to believe that Coach Perno will eventually get the motivational kinks worked out. I hope it happens before the season goes up in smoke.

Speaking of smoke, how about we talk about something more cheerful than Georgia baseball: barbecue. One of the occupational hazards of being in my line of work is that I'm on the road throughout the state on a regular basis. Oftentimes I find myself looking for a place to grab some lunch, and more often than not, the place I choose is a barbecue restaurant. I've recommended a few places in this space before. I'm about to recommend another.

Believe me when I tell you that it is well worth your time to head down to Southern Heritage BBQ in Dublin, Georgia. It's pretty rare for me to enjoy everything I have at any barbecue joint. That's usually because I'm busy comparing it to the same item at another barbecue joint. But I enjoyed every single item at Southern Heritage. The chipped pork sandwich was perfectly smoky, incredibly tender, and amply portioned. The cole slaw was sweet, creamy and just a little tangy. The brunswick stew was meaty and flavorful. The sweet tea was sweet and strong. I hate weak iced tea, and sadly it's an epidemic in food service. But not at this family owned joint.

As best I can tell, the pork is smoked with hickory, which was actually piled in the back near the door to the kitchen. I know this because when I pulled into the parking lot the kitchen door was the closest door, and therefore the one I walked in. The nice folks preparing lunch didn't care. They pointed me through to the small dining area. Soon the place was crammed with locals in blue jeans and navy suits. This is another hallmark of a great 'que joint. You don't want to eat where people go to be seen. You want to eat where people go to eat,and don't care who else is going to be there. Southern Heritage seems like that kind of place.

Also worth noting, the prices are a steal. Don't tell them I said that because I don't want them raised. But I think I paid around $7 for a big sandwich, chips, slaw, stew, baked beans, and a drink. That's hard to beat.

As always, your reviews of any new barbecue finds are welcome to help ease the football offseason boredom. Or you can talk about Bull Durham, or any other sports movie.Really that's the point of this open comment thread. Talk amongst yourselves, and play nice. Until Later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!