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2013 SEC Tourney Preview

You may not know, and judging by attendance you don't, that the 2013 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament is this extended weekend. Here is a quick snap shot and preview.

24 pts and 10 rebounds would be helpful.
24 pts and 10 rebounds would be helpful.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC Men's Basketball Tournament commences this week in Nashville, at the Nashville Convention Center, Wednesday, 13 March. Here's a quick round up of our side of things.

To begin, there is some good news. Which is about as rare as beating Tennessee and Kentucky and knocking them off the bubble. HAHAHHHAHHA. Ok, now that that is over, the SEC tournament begins this Wed, and due to some marginal success (or the SEC being so terrible really), UGA bought a bye in the first round. That's the first part of the good news. The next part is we play LSU on Thursday. That game will be at 1:00pm ADT* on the SEC Network and ESPN3. I consider playing LSU a good thing, as we don't have a plate full of bad mojo and bad memories with them. Yet. But, frankly, I like this pull better than Arky or Ole Miss for example. And I like it we skip playing more ugly against someone like USC or MSU in the first round. Some people are more concerned about this bracket as winning it means playing Florida, but, honestly, there are no great pulls for us on Friday, and I would rather get it on with Florida and be the big underdog, than go through what we've been through with Alabama, or Ole Miss. Furthermore, it is how it is, you win to advance. Let's get through LSU first.

LSU is 18-11 overall, but cards a matching 9-9 SEC record to ours. We know how close our season was to being more like 12-6. Their stats are all significantly better than ours, with 83rd in the nation scoring to our 308th, and 188th in FG% to our 273rd. Yep, our stats are just abysmal in scoring. We have, however, been getting it done with slowing down opponents transition game and playing good defense. LSU boasts a handful of bad losses to Auburn, South SCAR, and yes, UGA. HAHAHHAHA. So, I see this as a winnable game, one that falls right into our playing style of slowing down, and well, dumbing down the game. A solid KCP effort combined with some decent bench can get it done. If I have to beg for the total team effort, I will save that voodoo magic one last time against UF....but let's just get to Friday for now.

I'm going to attach the bracket below that kicks of the week on Wed. I have no idea how or if I am going to be able to watch the game Thursday, but I'll do what I can. If anyone is attending the event in Nashville, any live reporting and trip reporting would be wonderful. Until then,


*Athens Daylight Time


And here is picture of Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on The Walking Dead, just because.



PS - not the same lady killing zombies in costume as out for a me.