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Big Game to Keep a Hot Streak Alive

This Saturday, the Hoop Hounds give cause for hope.

Empty Steg needs to be full Steg.
Empty Steg needs to be full Steg.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Although I did write about the removal of Coach Fox as head basketball coach, in the end what I wanted most of all was some fire in our program, and I wanted to address the wide range of issues our basketball program has. Now, I stick by my story, but winning is winning and right now we are winning, and in fact, some players are developing and maturing (read: getting better). I am dreadfully concerned about next year because Caldwell-Pope is certainly going to the NBA and we don't have a KCP on tap as a freshman right now. Coach Fox needs some huge recruits coming in very soon. But in the meantime, and most importantly, we are on a 4 game winning streak, and we play Texas A&M this Sat, at home, with a very solid chance to make that a 5 game winning streak. Without a doubt, we are mostly prying ourselves off the sticky sewage goo that is the bottom of SEC basketball, but hey, I'll take it for now. At least we aren't the goo, and we are getting better! After A&M we got Bama on Tuesday, and for the rest of the year, quite a few games we can win.

This Saturday is a great day and time to get behind Georgia Men's Basketball. A rocking Stegeman would sure provide confidence both for us as fans and the players. And they earned it. They went out on the road and earned it. We said we wanted some wins, well, we got some wins. It's time for us to do our part, and show as much support as possible this Saturday. We need a jammed, loud, rocking student section. We need those season ticket holders in their seats before the game. We need to remember we're still all Dawgs and rocking the Steg ain't a bad way to spend a Sat afternoon in February. We played with some confidence in Knoxville and with that win and coming home, things could very well click this Saturday. We, as fans,and as the University, need to ante up big time this Saturday. Spread the word, invite your friends, put on all your Georgia gear. It's cliche day for me, so, be loud and be proud.

I have no problem eating my hat if that's what it takes. Being on the verge of a winning streak we haven't accomplished in forever is a good problem to have. I am nervous as heck about the game, but in that good kind of way, like you would on a football Saturday. I posted "Oh No We Suck Again" in the Florida loss, we'll, let me flip the script and say "You can do it!"

Go Dawgs!