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Coach Todd Grantham, Show us a Sign

Recrootin' and coaches always involves drama, but with the CTG getting a $850k contract last year, we deserve a little love.

We love you man, but show the love back.
We love you man, but show the love back.
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

To quote a drug deal in The Wire, that sounds "like some of them good problems." People desiring to hire your assistants is a good problem. It was a good problem for most all the dynasty teams of the last 3 decades. I get it. Not only do I get it, I want it. But not knowing 'fo 'sho that Todd Grantham is our Defensive Coordinator on the eve of signing day? That's too much. It's not cool. And we deserve better. Unlike Richt and Bobo, the Bulldog Nation loaded up the full train and got behind Coach Grantham and the 3-4. We realized that our future depended on an a defensive guru. We waited, in agony we waited 3 years ago for a new DC. And we got a great hire. Then, last year, we paid that hire a truck load of money. We all know and expect Todd Grantham to move on to his own head coaching job, but on the eve of signing day, having rival schools call our recruits and stir the pot that "he may not be your coach" is getting out of control.

Coach Grantham owes us a statement. Unfortunately, that statement is now too late. And let me make it clear: I wanted, begged and fired up all of Dawg Sports I wanted an NFL guy. Coach Grantham is a desired coaching talent and some of this is how it goes. But, come signing day, I should know who our coaching line up is, without drama, without question.

Coach Grantham, I am dissapoint. We backed you. You should return the favor.