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Chamblee's Davin Bellamy To Don The Red And Black.

Kevin C. Cox

You just never know in college football recruiting. It wasn't very long ago that Chamblee's Davin Bellamy had eliminated the Bulldogs from consideration, even though the team's 3-4 scheme seemed like the perfect fit for his skill set.

It turns out that Bellamy had his reasons for eliminating the Bulldogs, and then that reason took off for Auburn. Bellamy responded by decommitting from Florida State, visiting Tennessee and Oregon, but ultimately deciding to stick with the homestate Bulldogs.

The 6'5, 235 pound Bellamy is likely to slot in at outside linebacker at Georgia. He fits a constant pattern we've seen in Bulldog recruiting since Todd Grantham arrived. Grantham has often spoken about trying to find athletic guys in the 6'4 to 6'6 range, who can stay at linebacker if they don't put on weight, or move down to defensive end if they do. That versatility has paid dividends, as multiple players (Jarvis Jones and Cornelius Washington come to mind) have been able to bounce between the two depending on the package. Don't be totally surprised to see Bellamy end up in the 260 pound range, at which he could play defensive end in 3rd down/dime packages.

I can't let this post go by without pointing out that Bellamy stirred some controversy recently on his official visit to Oregon when he was photographed with a bong. Personally, I believe Bellamy's explanation that he popped into a room to take a picture with some girls and they happened to have a bong in the room, which he didn't use and which didn't belong to him. If the official had been to St. Albert's School For Aspiring Jesuit Monks, I'd be a bit circumspect. But this is Oregon we're talking about. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a bong in the room.

At any rate, I'm glad to have another lengthy, athletic defender to begin grooming. Welcome to Bulldog Nation, Davin!