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2013 Georgia football recruiting: Signing Day Open Comment Thread

Do I really need to tell you what's going on?

That helmet isn't going to wear itself young man.
That helmet isn't going to wear itself young man.

Let's start this thing off proper.

It's signing day. Talk about who we land, who we miss, and anything else you want to discuss below. But remember, these are kids making the biggest decision of their young lives. So please, be gentle.

The list of signees already in is below.

QB Brice Ramsey

S Tray Matthews

S Quincy Mauger

DL John Atkins

DL Chris Mayes

LB Ryne Rankin

LB Reggie Carter

OL Aulden Bynum

OL Josh Cardiello

WR Jonathon Rumph

WR Tramel Terry

CB JJ Green

CB Reggie Wilkerson

LB Shaun McGee

WR Rico Johnson

WR Reggie Davis

WR Uriah Lemay

LB Johnny O'Neal

OL Brandon Kublanow

S Paris Bostick

OL Devondre Seymour

CB Brandan Langley

CB Shaq Wiggins

LB Leonard Floyd

RB AJ Turman

S Kennar Johnson

DL De'Andre Johnson

TE Jordan Davis

DE Davin Bellamy

RB Brendan Douglas

S Shaq Fluker

LB Tim Kimbrough