UGA Spring Practice Starts Off as a M*A*S*H Unit

I may not be doing this for a while.... - Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Many of us are anxiously awaiting the start of the 2013 UGA Football Campaign this coming Saturday, but if Coach Richt's pre-spring teleconference is a State of the Program announcement we need Hawkeye, Honeycutt and Trapper enrolled early. According to this article by Seth Emerson, it sounds like UGA's first opponent is not Clemson, but the injury monger

Starting off with Mr. Sanchez breaking the news on Zander, and the NCAA still playing the court jester in the Kolton matter; the program is already down two scholarship athletes this season. Now Seth brings us the news that ONE scholarship Tailback will be healthy and ready for the Spring drills (Gurley). Seems that Marshall's hammy is still aggravated from track this off-season and is hopeful to return to the grid iron after Spring Break and Tramel Terry (knee) is currently injured as well, so how effective will the practice be for the running game with the coaches treating Gurley like a fragile eggshell?

The Big Uglies on offense are also listed on the casualty report with John Theus out for the first half of spring practice with an injury (right foot fracture) and Burnette missing all of Spring due to his shoulder. Sounds like the right side of the line will not benefit from this spring much at all, outside of giving those behind them a opportunity.

Defensively, word is still out on how ready Toby Johnson will be once he arrives on campus due to ACL surgery

The teleconference does get into some depth related talk; such as J.J. Green as a "scat-back type", Josh Harvey-Clemons playing "multiple" positions, Chris Mayes and John Atkins cross-training at nose tackle and defensive end, and Richt planning to assist in coaching the kickers and punters.

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