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Georgia loses to Mississippi 84-74 in an OT Heartbreaker

A fantastic first half and a hard fought second half had its momentum killed by the zebras to take the game to overtime in a heartbreaker.

There wasn't a picture from today's game, so here's a picture Kyle likes of Cotton.
There wasn't a picture from today's game, so here's a picture Kyle likes of Cotton.

Out played 'em.

It took ten minutes worth of the most lop-sided officiating ever just to keep it close enough for Ole Miss to come back and then pull away.Go Dawgs!by Swarles_Barkley on Feb 16, 2013 9:29 PM CST up reply actions

I can't bare to go through a play by play. At times I was standing in front of my tv. I was always on the edge of my couch. Georgia came out aggressive and played a fairly solid game. We were leading at the half, and led for a good portion of the game. Ole Miss's Henderson stayed out with some foul trouble and we expected him to come out hard in the second half, but we rejected his charges and hung in the game.

And then referee insanity happened. Gaines was called for a dead ball technical foul after Coach Mark Fox had called for a timeout as Gaines shifted his arms for space facing Henderson. Henderson was clearly not touched but fell to the floor and ran off the court cursing and grabbing for a towel. Having never been touched he took it the whole route that he was bleeding and hurt. And Georgia paid the price with a technical, fouling out Gaines, and a huge momentum shift.

But the Dawgs fought on, having under a second with possession to inbound with a tie game. Djurisic passed a beautiful inbound pass for Williams at the basket, who was hit with total arm and face contact, and no foul, putting us to overtime.

With so much foul trouble OT was not a good option for the Dawgs, and with everyone in foul trouble there was little hope.

I will say this was the most energetic, hard fought game I remember with some aggressive playmaking, good inside passing and a lot of total team help. And I will also say I have even less respect for Ole Miss in 2013 at this point.

We haven't had many quality wins and few good losses. This was a good loss in terms of heart, pride, and grit. We just didn't have the breaks.

It was a great live thread with announcers that actual believed they saw blood on Henderson that never existed.


Oh, and in case you don't believe me,check out this gif of the huge bloody hit.