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Rock The Steg This Tuesday For 6 In A Row

This Tuesday the Hoop Hounds have a chance to win another SEC game for 6 in a row.

Let's Party
Let's Party
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Fox's Hoop Hounds beat A&M in a game that was fought with grit and determination and maybe a little blood, securing our 5th win in a row. This Tuesday, Georgia can extend a streak not seen since 1850 playing Alabama at Stegeman Colliseum to go to 6 in a row. This run can get us further off the bubble to work for a bye in the first round of the SEC tourney. We had (according to UGA's numbers) over 7,000 in attendance yesterday. Now, regardless of whether I buy into that being ticket sales or actual bodies, we need to push that number up this Tuesday. Let's make it 9,000 or more.

Tipoff is at 9:00 Athens Standard Time*. That means we need everyone there ready to rock around 8:30. Plan now. Get your baby sitter now. Make your travel plans now. Get your tickets now. Start creating your excuses to get out of work as necessary now. We are winning, and we can win some more. The basketball isn't very pretty, but the Dawgs are hunkering down. Let's try and get a loud, rocking Steg. Wear all your red and black. Make the Steg look like Sanford on a Sat. Stay on your feet. Cheer the good plays. Be loud on Defense. Maybe just plan to put a little payback on Alabama.

The game will also be televised on ESPNU and your usual radio stations. Ticket information can be found at Season ticket holders, please use them or give them to someone that will. There will be a live thread at Dawgsports as always.

They are winning. Let's show them some support. On time, geared up, loud and proud. Get there early, stay until the clock says 0. Let's rock!

Go Dawgs!

*Athens standard time is trademark, ChuckDawg

VASQUEZ LET'S ROCK (via dontdropthesoap22)