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A look at Georgia's 2013 recruiting class early enrollees: Offensive weapon Tramel Terry

Georgia enrolled 13 young men this semester that will be getting their first taste of SEC football this spring, and hopefully contribute come the fall. With signing day less than a week away, we'll run down that baker's dozen worth of names to whet your appetite for the several more expected to join them in the 2013 class on Wednesday.

One product of the Low Country, SC.  Wait until you see the next to follow in that line.
One product of the Low Country, SC. Wait until you see the next to follow in that line.
Kent Nishimura

Georgia already has one pass catcher from the Palmetto State as a new member of the Dawgs. He'll be joined this spring by another, Tramel Terry. As you hopefully have already read from member Dawg Haus

, the Goose Creek, SC product is an extremely versatile athlete. He's an explosive offensive weapon that wavered a bit in recruiting, but ultimately remained true to the commitment he made very early on in the process last March.

Terry suffered a setback in his hopes of exploding onto the scene in his home state against Clemson and South Carolina this fall, when he tore his ACL playing in the prestigious Shrine Bowl. The annual All-Star game between the best from North Carolina and South Carolina was played in the middle of December, and with modern advances in knee surgeries, an 8 month recovery time isn't impossible. That would mean he could be ready by fall camp and perhaps the season opener on August 31st in the Upstate, but it is way too premature in his recovery process to expect anything other than a redshirt season.

Whenever he does take the field though, Terry has an ability to impact the game from all over the field, and is an extremely capable offensive threat. Somewhat similar to Harvin, he's not a big receiver in terms of height, but he has a thick, powerful frame that allows him to sometimes play TB, in addition to work out wide. You can see those skills on the first clip of his junior season highlight reel below.

His senior highlights show more of the same; big play after big play be it catching a pass as a WR or taking a pitch as a TB. The kid is one tremendous playmaker with speed, strength, agility, everything really.

First, what not to love about Terry, because there's very little in that category. You don't see much in terms of blocking. But when you consider his skills, he wasn't really asked to do much blocking in high school and with his power, provided he's willing and teachable, that is a skill that can be taught very easily and very quickly. He'll also likely need to fine tune his route running, which is the case for almost every high school receiver, although his seems more advanced than most. And lastly, his knee injury will keep him out of spring practice and at least the G Day game, so it'll be a while before we get to enjoy watching him in red, black, and silver britches.

Now, what to love about Terry? Everything else? The kid shows it all. He's got tremendous speed, and the ability to accelerate through his cuts that is rare even in high level athletes. He's got good vision, and the quick hips to make a minor cut before leaving defenders in his dust. He's got power in a stout frame that allows him to break arm tackles, in addition to the speed and agility to juke anyone that goes low. There is a reason all the recruiting services rated him as a 4 star, and one of the premier talents in South Carolina.

In addition to what he's able to do with the ball in his hands, my favorite part about Terry is those hands themselves. Like AJ Green, who came to Athens out of Summerville just a short run from Terry's Goose Creek, you see a wonderful ability to go snag the football. Terry uses his hands extremely well, and gets the football at it's highest point. His hands look sure, and strong, and you don't expect drops to be much of an issue with the way he catches the football. Not to put too much hype on him early, but the film shows all the makings of a premier pass catcher going forward, and a guy who just might be joining Green in a few years in Hawai'i at the NFL Pro Bowl.

We saw Mike Bobo expand his playbook to include some pistol this past year. Terry is the type of athlete who can excel in such an inventive system. He can take quick jets to the edge, turn and go. Expect to see him, whenever he's healthy enough to take the field, utilized in several capacities. He can work those quick jets out of the pistol, wildcat, or more conventional formations as we've seen Branden Smith used. But he has a power to break tackles you never saw out of the slender Smith. He's got the ability to be a dynamite kick returner in speed and power, or standout punt returner with his ability to make the first man miss in space. You've got a player who can work across the board offensively, as a part time TB, slot receiver, or split end. The sky is the limit for Terry, with just a matter of time and good health before we get to cheer him on as he races towards the end zone.