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National Games of Disinterest (Championship Week)

Even during Championship Week some games aren't worth watching.

Erich Schlegel

We've already looked at this week's most interesting game (hint: SEC! SEC! SEC!) and this week's national game of interest, which we picked purely out of spite. Now it's time to identify this week's least interesting contest(s), a/k/a our National Games of Disinterest. This week we're wholly uninterested in Texas at Baylor (-15) and Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (-10).

Unlike our new Western Divison brethren, I have no particular beef with the Big XII. I mean, it's kind of weak sauce that a conference with only ten teams calls itself the Big Twelve, but history, tradition, branding, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I don't think these games are going to be particularly competitive -- just look at the point spreads -- but that's not why I'm calling these games out, either.

No, the reason that these two games are our National Games of Disinterest is because they are games being played by major conference competitors during Championship Week that are not actually Championship Games. Sure, these games have championship implications. Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma State could each claim a conference crown depending on the outcomes of each game, but it is the modern era. Big conferences are supposed to have championship games. It's kind of lame that the Big 12 doesn't. Until the Big XII can get its act together and add enough teams to make its name meaningful again, I won't be watching these weak contests.

Go Dawgs!