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The Early College Football Open Comment Thread Is Open For Business.


It's morning again in America. Today more men and women will go to Sanford Stadium than went last week. With coaching vacancies popping up across the country, Art Briles and David Shaw will go shopping for new homes. Young men and women will make lewd signs and wave them around behind Lee Corsi. David Pollack's cheeseburger consumption is less than half what it was 4 years ago. It's morning again here in America, and all your fellow Dawg fans are here and ready to watch some college football.

Why would you ever want to spend game day anywhere else?

Of course the Georgia Bulldogs will kick things off against Appalachian state in about three hours. But there's actually a solid crop of SEC football action kicking off at noon. Arkansas travels to Ole Miss for an SEC Network contest, while Auburn will travel to Knoxville and try to escape with both a victory and their knees intact. Finally, Vanderbilt will travel to the Swamp in Gainesville. I'm assuming they didn't take my suggestion of naming Sly Croom an honorary captain, but I'm tuning in just in case.

Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!