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Cocktail Thursday/Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Appalachian State Edition.

Ronald Martinez

Appalachian State is not really on many Bulldog fans' radar. Most probably last really payed attention to the Mountaineers when they took down top 5-ranked Michigan 6 years ago. This team is not that team. This Mountaineer team is 2-7 with losses to the likes of North Carolina A&T, Montana, and Charleston Southern.

Obviously there's some danger here of Georgia coming out sleepy and with a tad of a Cocktail Party hangover. And I think it's safe to bet that you'll see no more of several banged up starters than necessary. Artie Lynch is nursing sore ribs, Tray Matthews is yet to return to full speed, and while the coaches have said Todd Gurley's workload will be "normal", don't expect him to be on the field in the fourth quarter unless something has gone badly wrong.

This game is not about style points. It's about getting healthy headed into the stretch that will define this season. Georgia will close with #7 Auburn, Kentucky, and Georgia Tech. If the Classic City Canines take care of business against the Mountaineers, then sweep this slate to finish 9-3, fans will consider this a good Bulldog team which just ran into too much bad luck at the season's midpoint. Drop two out of three to finish 7-5, and fans will have a hard time blaming it all on injuries.

But those are all worries for next week. For this week, you should probably relax and have a drink. The opportunities to do so in the shadow of Sanford Stadium are nearly done for the year, so make this one count. For this week's cocktail, let's go old school. This week's cocktail is . . . .

the bourbon of your choice. I'd like to know what that is. An old standby like Maker's Mark? Some new small-batch stuff that the rest of us haven't heard of? Inquiring minds want to know.

In addition to answering this burning question, feel free to also use this as the open comment thread for tonight's pair of top 10 Thursday night football games. With #10 Oklahoma taking on #6 Baylor at 7:30 and #3 Oregon traveling to #5 Stanford at 9, this is likely the best night of Thursday night football ESPN's ever produced. I hope you enjoy it right here with fellow Dawg fans. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!