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Second Half Open Comment Thread: Signs Of Life.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After forgetting that they would actually have to play a football game for most of the first half, the Georgia Bulldogs take the field to start the second half down by two scores and receiving the ball. The 'Dawgs showed signs of life at the end of the first half. The question is whether they come out of the locker room ready to take control and get back in this one or whether it's more of the same.

Hutson Mason has actually looked about like one would expect any given quarterback to look against a top 25 defense in his first start, but started to get it going late, going 6 of 6 on that last drive.

If the rules of football did not allow Georgia Tech to pass, then the defense would be playing a heckuva game. But the defensive backs have really struggled with their eye discipline, getting sucked into all the machinations in the backfield on third and long situations when the streaking receivers are really far more of a threat. I suspect they were coached on this at halftime, now the question is whether they play tentatively in the second half, or whether Paul Johnson uses that teaching against them to open holes in the running game.

We'll just have to see. Remember that these same Dawgs, plus a certain quarterback, came back two weeks ago to nearly beat a much better Auburn team in the second half. I'm not saying we got 'em where we want them. I'm just saying it isn't over just yet.

Win, lose, or draw we'll be here. Let's try to keep it classy and maintain a sense of perspective. Remember that there are invisible gold and white trolls circling who'd love nothing more than to copy and paste your irrational self-loathing over to their pathetic little message board and giggle about it as if a girl had touched them in their special place. Don't give them the pleasure, Lord knows they're not getting any pleasure any other way. Until the final whistle . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!