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First Half Open Comment Thread: Let Slip The Jowls Of War!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's almost time to get things started in the 107th playing of Clean, Old Fashioned Hate. Whether you're watching on television or trudging into the Joke by Coke along with literally dozens of old gold and white clad Tech fans, there are a few last minute items to keep an eye on:

  • Neither Tray Matthews nor Shaq Wiggins will be dressed today, meaning more Corey Moore at safety and Sheldon Dawson and Brendan Langley at corner. Against most teams this would really worry me. Against Vad Lee and his 48% completion ratio, I'd rather have better open field tacklers, which these guys may be.
  • If Hutson Mason throws the ball more than 28 times it's bad news. I think Tech is vulnerable in the secondary, but the way to win this one will be to pound the running game and take selective shots downfield.
  • Defending the triple option is about assignments. I'm a little concerned about some of our younger guys freelancing at times. If that happens, this one will be far more interesting than it should be.
  • There's been some discussion about the generally barren quarterback cupboard in the SEC in 2014. With Murray, McCarron, Mettenberger, Manziel, Shaw, and Franklin likely gone, there's a real chance your first team SEC preseason quarterback is either Nick Marshall or Arkansas's Brandon Allen. But if Hutson Mason puts up solid performances against Tech and in the bowl game, you have to ask: who in the league has someone clearly better? Again, just something to watch.

Everybody have more fun than a Tech grad in the basement when Mom and Dad go away for the weekend. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!