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Your Early Game Open Comment Thread: Clean, Old-Fashioned Decades Long Dominance Edition.

Scott Cunningham

This is likely the last Saturday of 2013 upon which you will wake to the prospect of Georgia Bulldog football. Sure, there'll be a bowl game, but the odds are that will fall during the maelstrom of bowl season. And there's just something about the ritual of waking up, pouring that first beer cup of coffee, and tuning in to Chris, Kirk, David and the old guy with the firearms and live animals.

it's also Rivalry Saturday, the day on which many traditional instate and cross-border showdowns take place. Fortunately, many of them actually kick off in the noon slot, including the Florida State/Florida match up and Ohio State/Michigan. Both look to be lopsided affairs, though let's be honest, the Gators getting what the Seminoles are likely about to dish out is gridiron disaster porn of the highest order. You won't be able to look away, because nestled within the shame will be the giddy prospect of hearing Jeremy Foley once more stand by his man, despite an Old Testament-level smiting at the hands of the Gainesville Ganja-gang's rival from the Panhandle.

Urban Meyer's Buckeyes are still in the national title hunt, but need some help to get there. The Old Ball Corch is sportsmanship-challenged on his best day. Given a national TV audience and a mandate to convince poll voters of his team's utter dominance I expect him to strive for the century mark against Brady Hoke's Wolverines.

For those who like their college football best when it interferes with smart kids getting to the library on Saturday afternoon, there are also contests between North Carolina and Duke, as well as Vandy and Wake Forest. I'm told the Duke game has ACC title implications. I really couldn't care less.

As always you can find RedCrake's complete viewing schedule here.

We'll be back with the first half game thread for Georgia's game against whoever we're playing around 3:00 p.m. Until then,

Go 'Dawgs!!!