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Thanksgiving Night Football Open Thread

Are you still trippin' on tryptophan and can't get up off the couch (raises hand)? If so, this thread might just be the thing for you.

There's football tonight.  Let's blog.
There's football tonight. Let's blog.
Kevin C. Cox

College football season is almost over.  We've got to pull together and embrace every chance we get to come together to discuss (and scoff at) whatever football just might be on.  Tonight, we've got the Egg Bowl:  Mississippi visits Mississippi State (ESPN, 7:30), which is a game that has some pretty big implications for Dan Mullen and his tenure in Starkville.  The Bizarro Bulldogs are 5-6 and must win to stay bowl eligible.  Ole Miss (7-4), could go to the Gator Bowl with a win, or drop to the Music City Bowl with a loss.  This has implications on where Georgia ends up in the eyes of a few committees out there trying to decide who to choose.  Now, I'm not going to suggest who you should root for, but Go Dogs!

The other match-up on Thanksgiving evening is Texas Tech visiting Texas (7:30) on Fox Sports 1.  I have no idea what Fox Sports 1 is, but I'm sure I can find it if I look - probably somewhere in between QVC and C-SPAN on my dial.  This game is also known as the National Game of Disinterest, in case you're interested.

So, go ahead and get another slice of pie and cozy up to the tube.  At this point, you've already exceeded 10,000 calories today.  What's another 500 gonna do?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!