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National Game of Disinterest (Week 14)

There's only one real turkey this Thanksgiving. Oh, I've made a pun.

Speaking of turkeys...
Speaking of turkeys...
Erich Schlegel

Thanksgiving is easily the best of the big-name holidays. It's not religious like Christmas or Hanukkah, so everyone can participate. Unlike July 4th or New Year's, it's always celebrated on a Thursday, so you're guaranteed to get a couple of days off (unless you're one of the brave souls working retail). And, of course, it has the best food.

The trick to Thanksgiving is finding the sweet spot of over-indulgence at which you have to loosen your belt but don't yet feel physically ill. That's kind of what this final full week of football is like. There are an awful lot of interesting rivalry week games you could watch, but, like that third slice of grandma's sweet potato pie, you should probably skip this week's National Game of Disinterest: Texas Tech at Texas.

It's easy to see why some people hate Texas. They're big. They're arrogant. They have more cash than Croesus. But it's only really satisfying to hate a villain when they're actually a threat. Although the Longhorns have improved since replacing beleaguered defensive coordinator Manny Diaz with Greg Robinson in September -- truth is definitely stranger than fiction there -- they're still not the world-beaters they once were. It's kind of fun to watch them flounder, but it's not that fun after five straight seasons of it.

Texas Tech isn't quite fun again either. I like Kliff Kingsbury (though not as much as the ladies like him), but Tommy Tuberville didn't leave him much to work with. I have high hopes for year 2, but year 1 hasn't been great.

In other words, this game might be fun, but both of these teams are decidedly average. It's a relatively weak option in a generally strong week of games.

So here's the plan: if, like me, you're a bit of a college football junkie, your family probably thinks that your obsession is a little weird. Maybe you have a significant other who wishes he or she could pry you away from the TV on Saturdays. This is your opportunity to score some brownie points. Casually mention that Texas is playing tonight, but then publicly elect to spend some quality time with them instead. Texas is a big name, so it will seem like a bigger sacrifice than it really is.

Or just watch the Egg Bowl instead.

Go Dawgs! Happy Thanksgiving!