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Your Week 14 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by: The Georgia Bulldogs Backfield... Running This State Since... Well... Pretty Much Forever.

The Genius... Deep in thought...
The Genius... Deep in thought...
Streeter Lecka

Your Week 14 College Football TV Schedule >>>>> CLICK HERE!!!

We've reached the final weekend of the regular season and I think it's safe to say things haven't exactly gone as everyone expected. Sure, Alabama has run the length of the season ranked #1 and Ohio State has predictably gone undefeated against its pillowy soft schedule, but other than that it has been a wild year.  I don't think many saw the Missouri Tigers being in a position to win the SEC East, I doubt many thought the Oregon Ducks would have 2 losses, and I know no one thought the Florida Gators would completely come apart at the seams and lose to the Georgia Southern Eagles.  The Baylor Bears have wildly exceeded expectations, as have the Auburn Tigers.  Others, like our beloved Georgia Bulldogs have underperformed... often due to circumstances outside their control.

Speaking of the Bulldogs, I'd like to address one final time before his first collegiate start the fact that Hutson Mason scares the crap out of me (in a fear of the unknown sort of way).  He's a Damn Good Dawg for sticking it out and waiting his turn, but so was Joe Cox.  I'll admit that a good bit of my trepidation probably comes from the strong reaction I had to those calling for Mason to supplant Aaron Murray based on performances in G-Day games and garbage time that just didn't do anything to "wow" me.  Much the same occurred when fans would call for Cox to replace Stafford. You have to admit the scenarios were pretty similar and the 2009 season is still seared into my mind. So I was pretty anti-Hutson Mason... though only in terms of wanting him to be our starting quarterback.  I still hadn't come to terms with the Hutson Mason era getting close when Aaron Murray went down last Saturday. But the Hutson Mason era is here (a bit earlier than we had anticipated) and its time to "get on the bus" as Coach Richt might say.  So here we go: Let's do this Hutson! Prove the naysayers wrong.  Prove me wrong.  Please.  Some of us may have been reluctant but you're our QB and we're behind you now. Wreck Tech!  And when (not if) you succeed, I will graciously accept the hundreds of I-told-you-so's coming my way.  Go Dawgs and Go Hutson!

Now, on to the business at hand.  Normally, in this space, I would tell what I believe are your best viewing options throughout the weekend. But since the last weekend of the college football regular season is also rivalry week, pretty much all the games are very, very watchable.  It doesn't matter how disappointing the season has been for a team or how crappy their record is or even if they'll make a bowl game, these teams and fanbases want to beat each other badly.  So whether you tune in to the Egg Bowl or the Iron Bowl or Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, you will have one helluva time. So enjoy this weekend, hassle your friends and family on the opposing side, and remember...