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Bulldogs' 2014 Match Up With Arkansas: On A Roll Into Little Rock.

Yeah, put the suckling pig over there next to the Natural Light.
Yeah, put the suckling pig over there next to the Natural Light.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Obligatory, extremely literal Collin Raye fan video goes here:

Via SB Nation's Razorback blog Arkansas Fight comes word that Georgia's October 18, 2014 road contest with the Battling Bielemas will take place in the friendly confines of War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock rather than Fayetteville's Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

As you probably already knew, Arkansas is one of the very few college football programs with two home stadiums, Reynolds Razorback, the renovated, shinier campus facility and War Memorial, a smaller venue in the state's capital city. Arkansas Fight notes that the University had announced that they would be playing one game in War Memorial going forward rather than the two that had been played there. Many Razorback fans also assumed that the one game would usually be against a small, non-conference opponent so as to maximize revenue. However, the announcement that the 'Dawgs will be the lone Little Rock opponent means a big conference game in a smaller (54,000) seat stadium. I'm also told (fair disclosure, never road-tripped to a Razorback game) that War Memorial tends to be a little louder, assuming fans show up there. Again, totally unverified assertion based on utter hearsay.

This also means tailgating on a golf course, which is something that you can really only do in Little Rock. I mean, you could tailgate at the University golf course in Athens but I'm pretty sure it's frowned upon. We'll see you in 11 short months, Razorbacks. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!