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Second Half Open Comment Thread: Keep It Rockin'.

It's pretty hard to complain about a 35-10 halftime lead, isn't it? Unfortunately we may have seen the last of Aaron Murray on the field at Sanford Stadium, as the senior went down with what looked like a tweaked knee. But the Tampa Tornado already put up a full game worth of statistics, posting an efficient 18 of 23 ledger for 184 yards and 4 touchdowns. His last pass delivered his only interception, a tipped ball that wasn't really his fault.

The Georgia offense as a whole hummed for most of the half, churning out 16 first downs versus the Wildcats' 3. As has been demonstrated countless times before, we were also reminded that life is much easier when you have your very own Todd Gurley, who posted 50 yards rushing, 90 yards receiving, and moved the chains essentially whenever he damned well felt like it.

The big questions for me in the second half are whether the defense can maintain its intensity in the second half and whether Hutson Mason can continue his ruthlessly efficient management of the offense. Let's finish this thing strong.

Go Dawgs!!!