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First Half Open Comment Thread: Because Adolph Rupp Invented The Mullet.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, that's not exactly, strictly true. But frankly I'm having a hard time ginning up much hatred for the Wildcats. So I'm going to have to manufacture a little juice. Speaking of which, as of my writing of this the rumors that Georgia will take the field in some sort of black ensemble has not abated, and as usual is really of little or no concern to me.

Again, the stated policy of Dawg Sports' editorial board is that we'd just as soon the 'Dawgs come out in burlap sacks and mashed potato helmets if it means a solid 60 minutes of fundamental football. 60 minutes of solid fundamental football should certainly be enough to overcome a Kentucky squad that wasn't exactly a juggernaut before a slew of suspensions further hobbled the Wildcats' efforts. Will we see a Bulldog team distracted by last week's tough loss to Auburn? Will they take out their frustrations from that contest on the visitors from the Bluegrass State?

I'm just as curious as you are. Let's find out.

Go 'Dawgs!!!