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The Early College Football Open Comment Thread: Soaking It In.

We have reached the twilight of college football's regular season. Regrettably, your opportunities to bask and/or wallow in the gridiron action are now numbered. Let's make the most of this one.

Kevin C. Cox

It's another college football Saturday in the South (and elsewhere, now that I think about it) and you've got a solid nine and a half hours to kill before your Georgia Bulldogs take to the Sanford Stadium turf for the final time in 2013.

Sadly, I don't have a lot of great options to offer to keep you properly pigskinned in the noon slot. Northwestern/Michigan State on ESPN has some potential. And you could obviously tune in to see a surprisingly good Duke squad take on Wake Forest on ESPN2. There's also Mississippi State and the Fighting Mullens taking on Arkansas and the Battling Bielemas live from War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. When a stopable force meets a movable object, there will be tears and visors and bourbon. Count on it. Plus if we manage to FUBAR things this evening, this game will give you a preview of the bottom 1/7th of my upcoming SEC Power Poll ballot. So there's that.

If you would rather spend time getting up to speed on tonight's Georgia/Kentucky game Marc Weiszer has his five keys to the game, The Grit Tree has a look at some of the numbers that define this senior class of 'Dawgs, and I talked to A Sea of Blue about why the "Mark Richt Hotseat" meme is utter, total crap. I also dared to sound optimistic about 2014. I hope you can forgive me.

Until later....

Go 'Dawgs!!!