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Georgia 23, Florida 20: The Three In A Row Post-Game Thread.


As has seemingly been the case in every victory for this Bulldog squad in 2013, this afternoon's win over Florida didn't come easily and wasn't salted away until the very end. Be that as it may, a win is a win, and a win in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is always something worth celebrating.

It was an ugly, sloppy game, which was to be expected. Todd Gurley was not yet in game shape, also to be expected. The offense found new and exciting ways to place the defense in precarious positions which, sadly, of late is not unexpected. But in the end, Florida just didn't have enough juice to capitalize on the Bulldogs' varied mental errors. So the Red and Black won. Unlike in years past, a lot of you were expecting that, too.

So, again, celebrate we will. We'll also be watching the rest of the evening's college football action, including the Tennessee/Missouri game with huge implications for the Bulldogs faint hopes in the SEC East race. Hey, Florida fans are resigned to waiting until next year. So no matter what else happens on the football field the rest of the weekend, I'm a happy guy.