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Second Half Open Comment Thread: Gator Haters, Unite!

Will Muschamp is gonna make somebody one helluva defensive coordinator some day. Soon.


Your Georgia Bulldogs hold a 23-3 halftime lead in Jacksonville. Aside from Todd Gurley being "gassed and nauseous" (one would presume from some dicey oysters he had at The Landing last night) it's been an essentially flawless afternoon. Michael Bennett has picked up right where he left off, reeling in clutch reception  reception after clutch reception.

The Red and Black offensive line has opened up holes for everyone who wants to run behind them. They've also kept Aaron Murray's jersey clean, and he's responded with a clean, efficient game, going 12 of 20 for 226 yards, one touchdown and absolutely, positively no turnovers.

Florida's Tyler Murphy on the other hand is 7 of 18 for 126 yards after being harrassed by the Georgia defense, which suddenly knows what to do on 3rd down. Here's hoping the Georgia offense doesn't go into prevent mode, that Gurley is able to make enough of a contribution to keep the ball rolling, and that Mark Richt comes out of north Florida with yet another triumph over the Gators. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!