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Cocktail Party First Half Open Comment Thread.

Kevin C. Cox

The teams are suited up and ready to take the field at Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville, and we're ready here at Dawg Sports as well. A few notes on things to look for and/or be aware of before toe meets leather:

Mark Richt's Bulldogs are not healthy, but they're closer. Obviously Todd Gurley is back, as is Michael Bennett. Josh Harvey-Clemons looks like a go, and Tray Matthews will be available. Chris Conley was on the 70 man travel roster and was catching balls pregame, albeit while balanced on a crutch. I think that rules him out for the game. But if I had to guess, the thinking was that it's better to have an emotional leader like Conley on the sideline if you just don't have 70 healthy bodies to play.

I think this one comes down to turnovers. If Aaron Murray does not turn the ball over for Georgia, I like our chances. On the other hand if Florida's offense tries to turn it over and we see dropped interceptions and Bulldogs just not in position to pick up fumbles, it's going to be a long afternoon. Neither of these teams is going to play a crisp, clean game. They just don't have the horses for it. The deciding factor will be which squad takes advantages of the inevitable mistakes of the other.

Let's find out who that's going to be. Until later,

Go 'Dawgs!!!