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The Early Game Day Open Thread: Ain't No Party Like A Cocktail Party.

I just finished my second cup of coffee. I may go for a third, just for luck.


Hate Week here at Dawg Sports culminates with this afternoon's match up between what's left of your Georgia Bulldogs and the injury-riddled remains of the Florida Gators. This is the place to hang out before Mark Richt's team goes for their third straight win along the banks of the St. John's.

Before the  World's Largest One-Legged Man In An Ass-kicking Contest kicks off, however, there are some other games of relative interest going down. As usual, RedCrake has your complete college football viewing schedule available in easily digestible format right here.

In no particular order, the SEC Network has Mississppi State at South Carolina in a game that has some sort of effect on the SEC East race that makes my head hurt to figure out. I think we should want the Gamecocks to win to preserve the possibility of a fourteen-way tie, but I'm honestly not sure.

ESPN and ESPN2 are full o' B1G, with Illinois at Penn State on the former and Wisconsin visiting Iowa on the latter. None of these games have any significance to anyone who lives outside the Rust Belt or is lactose intolerant.

ESPNU will have Army at Air Force in a game with no national implications but which should nevertheless be pretty entertaining. And the ACC will be all over your ABC viewing platforms with Virginia Tech taking on Boston College in a game that no one in the Boston-area will have yet sobered up, shaved, or gotten out of jail for. SAWX, BABY!

And Larry Fedora will lead his Tar Heels against North Carolina State in a game for bragging rights throughout South Carolina's hat. They have nothing to lose because, as everyone knows, if they die in Raleigh, at least they will die, frrreeeeeee!!!! [air fiddle solo goes here].

So rock your Saturday morning like a wagon wheel, rock it Dawg any way you feel, as long as you rock it right here at Dawg Sports. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!!