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Second Half Open Comment Thread. Sponsored By Famine, Pestilence, And The Third Horseman of the Aub-pocalypse.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

I suppose it's a blessing that we've gotten this far in this borderline wreck of a season before the Bulldogs managed to put a game all but out of their own reach by halftime.

But with awful tackling, porous offensive line play, and inconsistent execution all over the place, here we are. I'm hoping at this point to see a Bulldog squad that exhibits a little bit of pride in itself for the remainder of the contest and doesn't allow this one to get ugly. Sure, 17 points is far from an insurmountable deficit. But nothing that I saw in that first half gives me reason to believe that what went badly will be corrected in time for the Red and Black to pull out of this particular tailspin.

Is this all just a veiled attempt at cross-mojofication? Maybe. Maybe I still have a little spark of hope. But you'll never get me to admit it out loud. Depressive MaconDawg has taken the controls, kids. So be mindful of each other's frustrations, keep the salty language to a minimum, and join me in taking this one like a man for one more half. Ugh.

Go 'Dawgs???