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The Early Open Comment Thread: There Are Things To Which I Am More Positively Disposed Than Auburn.

Michael Chang

Word from the scene is that there's already a heavy home crowd assembling in Auburn for this afternoon's 3:30 start on the Plains. So if you're going to any Waffle House between LaGrange and Tuscaloosa for breakfast this morning, be aware that they're probably down a few cooks and waitstaff.

Before this afternoon's main event however there's other college football action afoot, games in which not one but both combatants hail from schools whose libraries have books without pictures. Your customary Big Ten early slate includes Ohio State traveling to visit the not-horrible Illinois Illini and Indiana on the road against Wisconsin. Ole Miss will host Troy in a game televised on ESPNU. Kentucky and Vandy will square off in the SEC Network game, and Iowa State visits Oklahoma on FoxSports1. And ESPN News will show Cininnati at Rutgers. It might be more interesting to just watch Tommy Tiberville wander around New Jersey, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

Whether you're fruitlessly trying to buy a toothbrush in the Loveliest Little Village To Folks Who've Never Been To Milledgeville, or just out driving in your truck, have a great morning. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!