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Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by The T. Kyle King Institute for Advanced Research in Auburn Hate. Auburna delenda est!

They do love living up to those Alabama stereotypes...
They do love living up to those Alabama stereotypes...
Michael Chang

Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule >>>>> CLICK HERE!!!

Our Georgia Bulldogs are headed for Auburn, Alabama... a land of beauty and splendor (and toilet paper).  A land where for a couple hundred thousand bucks you can buy a National Championship.  A land where a man with a license to practice reconstructive dentistry would be King!

Also, its a land where Georgia is probably gonna lose this weekend... because Alabama keeps winning championships and Auburn's gonna Auburn.  Just sayin.

But you shouldn't let any of that unpleasantness get in the way of one of your last weekends of regular season college football. Above you will find your traditional spreadsheet presentation of this weekend's TV schedule and below I'll be telling you what you should watch.  Here we go:


Its time for Thursday Night Lights, baby! The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Clemson Tigers.  No way the Nerds win this one unless Clemson suddenly realizes they are Clemson and that they generally muck up these sorts of games. Even then... I don't see it.


As usual we have one Friday game this week, but at least it might be a good one: Washington Huskies and UCLA Bruins.


Pretty standard Noon fare this week. You have your usual crap Big 10 matchups on ESPN, a terrible Iowa St. Cyclones team lining up to be slaughtered at the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners, and oooh! oooh! lookie! lookie! I get to watch the Kentucky Wildcats play the Vanderbilt Commodores! Yikes. I recommend sitting on your porch and drinking a substantial amount of Makers Mark instead.


Easily the best lineup of the weekend as our Georgia Bulldogs take on the Auburn Tigers and the Oklahoma St. Cowboys face the Texas Longhorns. Throw in the Michigan St. Spartans and the Nebraska Cornhuskers and you have the makings of a pretty decent schedule of 3:30 games. Or you could watch FSU blowout Syracuse. Whatevs.


The primetime slate this week doesn't really do much for me to be honest. You have 5 ranked teams playing, sure. But they're all playing teams I think they'll dispatch fairly easily.  You could see the Texas Tech Red Raiders jump up and beat the Baylor Bears.  Its possible that the USC Trojans remember they're USC and take it to the Stanford Cardinal.  The Florida Gators could take the South Carolina Gamecocks down and save Will Muschamp's job (and please God, let that happen because I lovez me some Coach Larry! Give that man a lifetime contract!).  Those things are possible, but not probable. I think its gonna be a bunch of boring blowouts.


Umm... the Wyoming Cowboys and Boise St. Broncos? The San Jose St. Spartans and Nevada Wolfpack? The San Diego St. Aztecs and the Hawaii Warriors?  Imma pass.  I'm sure the WAC is great and all but I have an East Coast bias, I'm not ashamed of it, and I have to sleep sometime.

And that's it for this week folks. Enjoy your weekend and make sure to hate Auburn. Until next time...