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Anatomy Of A Classic: The Mark Richt/Hairy Dawg Photo Dissected.

Kevin C. Cox

Saturday night, as is customary after a Bulldog victory, I posted the Mark Richt Victory Watch, in which we here at Dawg Sports track Coach Richt's steady ascent toward becoming the winningest college football coach in University of Georgia history.

I eschewed the usual photograph of Coach Richt in mid-Powerade shower in favor of the above photo, which I have come to view as a timeless treasure of Bulldog lore. Unless and until a picture is taken of Mark Richt hoisting a national championship trophy, it will remain my favorite Mark Richt photo. Among the reasons are the following:

  • There's the prom pose, making it appear that Richt has forgotten to buy Hairy Dawg a corsage but made up for it by springing for dinner at a reasonably priced but tasty Italian chain restaurant.
  • There's Richt's Zoolander-esque facial expression, which I have dubbed "red and black steel."
  • There's the Tech player warily hanging back as if Hairy Dawg might maul him if he gets too close.
  • Finally, there's the subtle implication that Mark Richt does wacky things after winning football games.
I've often wondered what Coach Richt is thinking in this photo, as he has his picture taken alongside a sweaty student in a bulldog costume after beating Paul Johnson 42-34 despite fielding likely the weakest Bulldog squad of the Richt era. I've never asked, but I have a few ideas:

"That Taco Bell taco with the Doritos shell is alright, but a chef salad with Doritos in place of croutons would be a game changer."

"I wonder if anyone will ever realize that Joe Cox was actually a Make-A-Wish kid from Commerce."

"Gary Pinkel's gonna love the 48 subscriptions to Modern Bride I filled out for him last night."

"Should I try bangs? Katharyn always said I'd look good with bangs."

"Why is the guy in this suit breathing so heavily? It's creeping me out. Is he out of shape? Head cold? Trying to impersonate an actual English Bulldog down to the respiratory pattern?"

"Tonight I may just ride over to Paul Johnson's house, ring the doorbell, and when he comes to the door tell him to get out. What's he gonna do to stop me? A fierce jowl-lashing?"

"When people realize that Breaking Bad was really an autobiographical piece by Michael Adams, it's gonna get real around here."

Feel free to supply your own Mark Richt thought bubbles in the comments. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!